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Fostering Law Students' Transition into Lawyers

At the University of Dayton School of Law, we want students to seamlessly transition into their role as a lawyer, which is why every law student is required to take a practical experience course for credit in their final two semesters.  The Externship course provides a semester-long legal apprenticeship where students obtain significant practical experience in a legal setting that is reasonably similar to the experience of a lawyer and develop professional lawyering skills.  This experience is enhanced by opportunities for critical reflection where students establish and evaluate individual learning objectives and analyze their experience from a variety of perspectives.

This website will arm Externship Field Supervisors with information so that they can:

  1. Identify the course requirements and expectations.

  2. Adopt the dispositions of a mentor in their supervisory role. 

  3. Recognize professional responsibility issues that could impact a law student in an externship. 

  4. Provide opportunities for their externs to reach their learning objectives and develop practical lawyer competencies.

  5. Give regular and specific feedback to their extern. 

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Denise Platfoot Lacey

Professor of Externships

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