Course Expectations

Course Educational Goals

The externship field experience should imitate that of a lawyer in the field office.  As a result, the opportunities that should be provided to students should include substantial lawyering work that is reasonably similar to the tasks of a lawyer advising or representing a client or engaging in other lawyering tasks in the field office.  Students should have opportunities to perform these tasks when appropriate, as well as observe these tasks performed by lawyers in the field office.

The educational goals of the externship course include the following: 

  1. Exposing students to the practice of law and providing students with an opportunity to learn and use legal skills through a substantial lawyering experience under the supervision of a licensed attorney or judge;

  2. When possible, providing students with the opportunity to gain experience in a substantive area of the law related to the student’s professional interests;

  3. Providing students with the opportunity for reflective analysis and critical thinking about values, ethics and professionalism, including: the ethics of law practice, social justice and the legal profession, and other tenets and principles central to the Catholic-Marianist tradition; and,

  4. Providing opportunities for students to compare, evaluate, and reflect critically on topics related to their own career path and professional development, such as: settings, assignments, and daily activities in different types of law offices, the “fit” between the student and various legal careers, and the roles lawyers play in society.

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Denise Platfoot Lacey

Professor of Externships

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