Course Requirements

Externship Field Work Hourly Requirements

  • Externs are required to work at least 192 hours in their field office over a minimum of ten (10) weeks of the semester.

  • Externs are not permitted to receive compensation for their externship field work.

  • The majority of the extern’s field hours must be on site at their field office or attending related legal proceedings with their Field Supervisor or other attorneys in the field office.​

  • Externs must complete their field work during the dates of the semester in which they take the course. 

Requirements for Serving as a Field Supervisor

​In order to serve as a field supervisor, the following requirements must be met:

  • The field supervisor is a licensed attorney who is in good standing with a minimum of three years' legal experience, or a judge or justice currently serving on the bench.

  • The field supervisor must be an employee of the sponsoring organization or someone who provides legal services on behalf of the sponsoring organization.

  • The field supervisor must be the person working with the extern on a daily basis, providing direct supervision to the extern, and taking responsibility of the extern. 

  • The field supervisor must be on-site with the extern (or at other sites essential to the lawyering work of the extern) in order to observe, critique, review, and otherwise closely supervise their legal work. 

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